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On Saturday, an Oregon woman who has faced numerous incidents of abuse, harassment and discrimination in her life filed a lawsuit against the city of Portland, claiming that police and city officials have retaliated against her, retaliated on her behalf and retaliated illegally.

The lawsuit, filed by Mary Beth Smith, alleges that the city has used its authority to punish her and her family for challenging the city’s use of force policies.

In a statement, Smith said, “It is my understanding that the City of Portland has violated the rights of the citizens of Portland by using its power to arrest me and my family and to force us into compliance with their arbitrary and illegal policy, which would effectively ban us from the city.”

The lawsuit was filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Thursday by Portland attorney Brian E. Shultz.

In her statement, Shultz said the city and Portland Police Department violated Smith’s civil rights by using force against her and a number of other citizens who were also resisting arrest.

Smith said she was in the city in August 2017 when police stopped her in a crosswalk on Portland’s north side.

She told investigators that officers told her to leave her vehicle and they threatened her with a weapon, according to the complaint.

A man named Michael, who Smith said was the city police officer, allegedly told her, “You better get your ass out of my car.”

The next day, the officers arrested Smith for a misdemeanor.

Smith said she did not have a valid license and was arrested for a felony.

Smith, a Portland native, was held for a second time at a jail on Oct. 28, 2017.

The city later released Smith, and she was released on her own recognizance.

She was then arrested again in October and again in November.

Smith’s attorney, Matthew T. Muehlhauser, said in an email that he was confident that his client would prevail in her lawsuit.

Smith was released in December, when she filed a second lawsuit against Portland for the unlawful use of deadly force against another woman, whom she said had threatened her and caused her physical injuries.

The other woman was released without charges.

The first woman, a woman named Sarah, had been in the hospital for more than a month with injuries that were severe enough to require her to undergo emergency surgery, according a statement from Muehnhauser.

Muedhhauser said she suffered a fractured skull, a concussion and a blood clot in her brain.

The second woman, identified in the lawsuit as Jane Doe, had a blood-clot clot in the brain and had to undergo surgery to remove the clot, Muehhaver said.

The police officers, according the complaint, had no justification for using deadly force on Smith, who had been “a danger to herself and others,” according to Smith’s attorney.

The officers, the suit says, had the power to take her into custody.

Smith has been in an ongoing legal battle with the city for the last several months.

The suit says the city violated her civil rights when it arrested her for a third time in April 2017 for violating a restraining order issued by a neighbor against her boyfriend.

Smith filed a civil lawsuit in Portland in May, which is still pending.