How to improve your self-esteem in an age of bullying

A new study says a new generation of social media users is more likely to see their personal online profiles as a source of validation.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo looked at online profiles of about 1,000 people who use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and found that the most likely way for people to get a positive response is to use positive words.

“The most common responses that people gave to positive words were positive, positive, and happy, with the most common response being happy,” says co-author Elizabeth Moulton-Hughes.

“That’s a strong indication that when people use positive and positive words they’re also looking to get that positive response from their friends and family.”

The study was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

Moulton is the first author of the paper.

She and her co-authors are from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and are members of the Cyberpsychology, Emotion and Social Cognition Lab at the U of M.