What is self-esteem?

Great self-worth is the idea that you have enough worth to be able to get along with others, even if you are different.

It comes down to whether you are good enough to be your own boss, or just someone you can talk to.

But if you do not have enough self-respect, you can find yourself living in a world of loneliness and insecurity.

Here are some tips to help you get your self-confidence back.

Self-esteem is a great feeling and one that we all need to have.

It is also one of the best motivators for a lot of people, as it gives them hope and confidence in their lives.

Here is what to look for in yourself if you want to improve your self esteem:1.

You have self-acceptance2.

You are confident in your ability to be a good person and not a bad person3.

You want to help others and are willing to do the hard work to make that happen4.

You feel you have a voice in the world, and you want people to listen to you, and listen to others, and believe you5.

You understand that you are not alone and you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity6.

You accept that you may be different than others, but you do want to make a difference7.

You know that the world is going to look up to you and you are willing and able to make your voice heard8.

You appreciate that you can have a positive impact in your community9.

You think about what you are doing and why you are taking part in it10.

You enjoy being around people and want to be involved in the lives of others11.

You love being outdoors and you like to be in the natural environment12.

You respect other people’s opinions13.

You do not mind if people act different from you14.

You believe that everyone is capable of learning from mistakes15.

You expect others to do what is right for them, not just yourself16.

You look forward to sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions with others17.

You value the time you spend with others18.

You care about your health and your relationships19.

You like to make new friends20.

You find yourself thinking about ways you can make yourself happier21.

You often find yourself doing things that you do for yourself, rather than looking for help22.

You seek out advice from others23.

You listen to your own advice24.

You take responsibility for your own happiness25.

You prefer to be alone than be with people26.

You avoid situations that might make you feel insecure or insecure27.

You don’t feel the need to act on your feelings28.

You get angry when you don’t get what you want29.

You become upset when someone is hurt30.

You see others as people with whom you need to share their thoughts and feelings31.

You crave the attention of others to get what they want32.

You resent others33.

You struggle with relationships34.

You may find it difficult to forgive someone35.

You can be lonely or anxious36.

You hate your body or your appearance37.

You cannot handle being alone38.

You might be scared of new people39.

You wish you were doing better than you are40.

You worry that others might think you are bad or bad for the world41.

You hold grudges against people who have hurt you42.

You experience guilt and/or shame, and/ or self-hatred43.

You tend to be anxious and/ and negative in social situations44.

You lack self-discipline45.

You fear losing control46.

You dislike doing things for yourself47.

You distrust others48.

You need a reason to be unhappy49.

You live in a sense of hopelessness50.

You suffer from self-loathing51.

You lose hope52.

You question your future53.

You try to change the way you see the world54.

You blame others for your problems55.

You view your behaviour as selfish56.

You consider yourself an “average” person57.

You seem to be happy only in the eyes of others58.

You use a lot more energy than you deserve59.

You would like to work for someone else60.

You will not have much of an impact61.

You depend on others for their income and welfare62.

You make excuses for your behaviour63.

You spend a lot on things that do not affect you64.

You go on long trips65.

You put yourself in situations that are not conducive to your best interests66.

You show weakness in your relationships67.

You talk to others to make them feel better68.

You judge other people on their looks and not on their merits69.

You act like a loser70.

You hide the truth and act like an arrogant person71.

You fail to treat others with respect or compassion72.

You treat others poorly73.

You behave inappropriately74.

You cheat and steal75.

You manipulate others76.

You lie about your intentions77.

You’re easily