How to stop being a dick on Facebook

I hate it when people write to me with ‘I don’t feel like talking to you.’

I’ve had friends who have had to delete their posts from Facebook.

They’ve been forced to take down their profile pictures or face legal action because they weren’t feeling good about themselves. 

Facebook doesn’t give a shit about your feelings, and they don’t care if you feel shitty about yourself.

I think most people feel shitty on Facebook, but that’s because we live in a world of insecurity and fear.

You can’t get a job, a boyfriend, or even a girlfriend if you don’t like your Facebook.

We’re in a constant state of insecurity, and we all feel bad about ourselves for being so insecure.

Facebook’s not a reflection of who you are or what you believe. 

I’ve been reading a lot about self esteem and what people feel about themselves on Facebook.

I’m constantly amazed by how people respond to self esteem.

I feel like I have an enormous amount of respect for people who have it, and I’m really glad I’m not one of them. 

Some people feel that they’re a bad person for writing about themselves, or they’re lazy and not being authentic enough, and don’t want to be seen as a person who is trying to “talk down” someone.

I get it, Facebook.

Some people have issues with people telling them how to feel. 

It’s easy to see the “I feel like” posts as “dick posts.”

It’s a bit of a shame, because I do feel like that.

I don’t have any of the same issues that you do.

I am a feminist.

I like women.

I’ve got good friends who are feminist. 

A lot of my friends have really good, healthy relationships with their friends and family, but when I write about myself, I think “Oh, I’m so insecure!

I don,t feel like being honest with them about my feelings.” 

Some friends who haven’t shared their feelings online have been the ones who have been told to delete it, because it’s not their “place.”

But I’m happy that some of them are taking the time to read the post and read the comments, even if it’s to “help others.”

I’m just glad I have friends like you who understand how to handle this type of stuff.