Why the Kardashians are not just the Kardashian sisters but also the Kardashia curse

A Kardashian is the name of an African-American woman.

And the Kardashian family has been accused of using that title to promote themselves and their products.

A family spokesperson told CNNMoney that the family doesn’t use the name to promote itself or their products, but that it’s “not uncommon for people to use the Kardashian name when they are in need of something.”

This isn’t the first time the Kardashian sisters have been accused by some critics of using the word to boost their own brands.

In an interview with the Huffington Post last year, Kim Kardashian said that the word was a “tradition” for African-Americans and that “black women have been taught to wear the word ‘Kardashian’ as a symbol of black pride.”

“So I’m not saying that I’m a ‘Kasich,’ but I think that it comes from a very deep place,” she added.

The Kardashians have since responded to the criticism with a public apology and an apology from the Kardashiane Foundation, which said the family “remains dedicated to supporting all of our communities and working towards making sure that all of the lives impacted by poverty are connected.”

The Kardashiane foundation also issued a statement to CNNMoney saying that “we are not a marketing agency and that all products and services that we offer are our own, created by our own people, and sold by our people.

This is our truth, and we remain committed to it.”