Cartoon self esteem jacket sells for $7,000

A self-esteem jacket with a cartoon logo raised eyebrows at a fashion show in New York City on Tuesday, but the jacket sold for $700.

The designer, who goes by the name “Pinky,” wore a jacket that reads “Self-Esteem” on its left sleeve and “Pink” on the right, according to the New York Post.

The jacket was produced by New York-based clothing label, the PINK.

The jacket is made from cotton and is a shade lighter than most brands.

The wearer is not allowed to wear the jacket if they are under age 18, the Post reported.

A tweet from the designer’s Twitter account said the jacket was “a little too self-aware for me,” and said he was looking forward to wearing it.

“We have all been there,” the tweet said.

“You just need to remember that your life is a cartoon.”

The designer has been wearing the jacket for the past few weeks, the New Yorker reported.