How to Get Over the Self-Esteem Challenge

We’ve all heard that you need to work on your self-esteem to be successful.

But is it really the case that this is the case? 

“You can’t just make yourself feel good about yourself,” says Mark Schlesinger, author of Self-Awareness: How to Be Better at Being Yourself and the creator of SelfEsteems, a self-awareness tool designed to help you achieve your personal goals.

“It’s not about you.

You need to make yourself into something you’re not.”

Here are some of the things you can do to change your mindset and be more self-aware, even if it is not always easy. 


Start paying attention to the people around you. 

“When you’re in the middle of your own anxiety and self-doubt, your friends or family will be there to help,” says Schlesingers.

“If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you feel like you’re a burden on someone else, you’ve probably heard this story,” he says.

“You’ll want to take a moment and pay attention to how people around them feel and react.” 


Make a list of the people who you like. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your life, you can try to remember the people you love.

This will help you take the energy you’re throwing out of your body and put it to better use. 


Find a hobby that makes you feel good. 

A hobby that’s fun, challenging, rewarding, and you enjoy is one of the best ways to feel better about yourself, says Schliesinger.

“I think that’s what you’re looking for, is a hobby where you don’t feel like it’s boring or pointless, and a hobby for which you can actually take on a challenge,” he adds. 


Get active. 

The first step is to get active.

You don’t need to take your time to work out or play an activity you enjoy every day, says Schelles.

“We know that exercise helps people feel good, so you can be doing something that feels fun and good, but isn’t overwhelming you,” he recommends. 


Find ways to relax. 

There’s no better way to relax than by sitting quietly and feeling the earth beneath you.

When you sit quietly and just let the earth breathe, you get a sense of peace. 


Take time to enjoy yourself. 

When you feel anxious, you want to be able to experience the excitement of being a good person, Schlesinger says. 


Make yourself a favorite dessert. 

Says Schlesings, “Desserts are a great way to make your day feel positive.” 


Learn to be more compassionate. 

You can feel like your anxiety is a burden if you’re overly sensitive to criticism or criticism you haven’t even met.

“For example, if someone criticizes your appearance, and they’re trying to make you feel bad about yourself by saying that you look ugly, you’ll want a little bit of extra self-acceptance to help heal the tension,” he recommends. 


Don’t let others define you.

It’s tempting to feel that you’re above people who aren’t you, says the author of Self Esteems. 

Instead, be willing to learn from others.

“What you can say or do is important, but what you do or say isn’t,” he notes. 


Know that the way you treat others can make them feel good and help you to feel good themselves. 

Sometimes people think that if you do something right, you’re just going to have your life back.

But, says Scott, “The best way to avoid self-pity is to be aware of how others are feeling about themselves and how you are feeling.” 


Don’s self-help books are worth the price. 

Scott’s self help books are well worth the cost, he says, adding, “I always tell people I’m not a self help guru, I’m just a blogger.” 


Start your own blog. 

Schliesinger says that “the first thing you should do is get on the internet and start blogging,” he explains. 


Start a self esteem blog.

Schlesers blog is called The New Self-Defence: How I Can Transform Myself, and he shares how he uses his own experiences and observations to help others. 


Get rid of the negative self-talk. 

Self-esteem is about building a better self, he says.

It is also about learning to let go of self-hatred. 


Stop being an emotional wreck. 

I would love to say this, but I feel like there’s a tendency in the media to put emotions above everything else. 

That is, to focus more on