When Is The Right To Leave? – A Conversation With Rensberg

“If you are not a good person, you are no longer a person.

You are just a parasite.

I think that’s the case for so many people.

They are a parasite in that they are not thinking, ‘I’m a good guy, I’m not a bad guy.

I am good because I love the people I love.

I love people.

I want to love them.’

They are just not thinking like that anymore.

They think, ‘Well, it’s the people that I love, and I will love them.'”

Rensberg is an award-winning journalist who has covered global politics and international affairs since 2001.

He is currently a contributor to The New York Times, and a contributing editor for the Washington Post.

His most recent book, “The Unthinkable: A Manifesto for the 21st Century,” is now available from Simon & Schuster.

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