How to ‘Make’ Self-Esteem – KARAOKE

“I used to work as a teacher.

I had to teach the kids how to sit and speak.

Then I thought, this is no good.

We need to create self esteem.

That’s why I started KARAOK.”

The singer has spoken about his struggles with depression in an interview with a news channel in New York.

He has also revealed that he has “never been happier” than when he was diagnosed with the mental health disorder.

“I’ve never been happier than when I was diagnosed, when I realised I wasn’t alone.

I’m still in the process of healing, and I’m really grateful for the support I’ve received from people,” the 31-year-old said.”

So many people have reached out and offered me their support.

It’s amazing to know that even in the darkest times, they’re always there to support me.”

The singer said he has been through many ups and downs in his life and “I’m still learning”.

“But there is so much more to life, to my career, to how I express myself,” he added.

He also spoke about his journey from being a singer to becoming an artist.

“Being a singer was like a drug,” he said.

“But when you start writing songs, you realise that you can’t just be a singer.

You need to be an artist.”