How to tell if a man has a self esteem speech or a self loathing speech

RUPERT BROWN, EDITOR OF REPUBLICAN HISTORY: I think that, for the most part, men who are in the public eye have been known to speak of themselves.

You know, there’s a certain level of self-pity that you get from people who have done things to themselves.

They know that if they ever feel themselves slipping back into a state of hopelessness, they can do something about it.

But they also know that they can go back to that state of self loath.

You want to know something that you’re talking about, right?

You want somebody to say, I have this feeling that I’m going to fall down and I’m gonna get sick and I can’t get up, I know I’ve got something to do about it and I’ll find out what it is.

You don’t want to be like, well, this person is so stupid.

And you know what, I’m sorry.

But you know, you don’t feel the same.

You can be that guy and he’ll just be like no, I haven’t done anything wrong.

And he’ll go, well you know why I feel that way.

So that’s what I think, that you don`t want to feel that.

So the other thing is, what do you do when you have that feeling of selflessness?

So the first thing you do is you’re going to take it down.

You’re going, Well, I’ll get up and I will figure out what’s wrong with me.

And that`s a little bit of a self-loathing speech.

So then you go, Well I have to figure out how to fix this.

And then you start to feel like, Well there`s something wrong with myself.

So now you’re feeling self-righteous.

So what you want to do is, Well the thing about self-hatred is that it comes with an implicit sense of entitlement.

And so you know you`re the best, you know the best person in the world.

So you`ve got a very strong sense of superiority, you have this sense of self worth, you feel like you’re doing everything you can to impress everyone.

And the other part of that, you want, you also want to make people feel bad.

So one of the things that I noticed when I was doing this is that, I was very successful with this.

When I did my TED talks, I didn`t talk about the fact that I had a great brain, I talked about how I was the smartest guy in the room.

I was talking about how smart I was.

And I would say that about myself.

But I think it`s the same thing with people who speak about themselves, because when they do that, they just give themselves the false impression that they are great, they are a great thinker, they have the most beautiful ideas, they`re doing it all, they’re doing it perfectly.

And they`ve never done anything to themselves, they haven`t done anything on their own, and they`d never do it if it wasn`t for somebody else.

So I think people can be like that.

I think they`ll think, well if I can just do this, I can do that.

And there`ll be someone there who will be there to help me.

But at the same time, the other side of that is, I want to get better.

And as I`ve said, that is very self-centered.

And, you`ll want to see if you can get better and get better at things, and it`ll take a lot of hard work.

But if you`d like to do that for yourself, that`ll get you on the right track.

So for people who feel that they have a self hate speech, you can, you just have to talk about it a little.

If you`m thinking, well this is very hard, I don`ve had this feeling like this for so long, I should be more compassionate.

You have to give yourself permission to be a little self loathe.

It has to come with the knowledge that you`s not a perfect person.

And also, you are not a superman.

You`re not the one that can do it all.

You just need to get a little little bit better.

So those are the kinds of things that we have to have a conversation about.

We have to be able to talk with each other about that.

We should be able, you really can`t have a discussion about, well let`s have a little more compassion for each other and talk about how we can better serve each other.

And maybe if you start with that, maybe we can move forward.