Isis is ‘psychologically deranged’ – psychologist

In a video posted on Youtube, a mental health professional describes how Isis is ‘worse mentally’ than the US and that ‘there is no hope’ for her.

The psychologist, who has no connection with Isis, said that the terror group is ‘sickeningly sick’ and that there is no cure.

She added that Isis has been ‘obsessed’ with controlling the minds of people.

She said that she had been a ‘professional’ for 40 years, and that Isis ‘has never been less psychopathic than it is now.”

She’s just the most insane, psychotic person I’ve ever met in my life,’ she said.

In the video, the psychologist describes how she has been dealing with Isis for 40+ years and has no control over her patients.’

I’ve seen people being tortured, sexually abused, beaten, starved, and murdered,’ she says.

‘It is sickeningly sad and terrifying.

It’s not good.’

In the past, Isis has also claimed to have a relationship with another doctor who has been working in Syria and Iraq.

‘I see her as my doctor,’ she told the New York Times in a 2014 interview.’

She doesn’t really believe in any of that stuff.

She doesn’t believe in the science.

She has never believed in science.’

The psychologist also says that Isis’s doctors are ‘not professionals’, but ‘she does not have a way of seeing herself and thinking clearly’.’

They are psychopaths,’ she continued.

‘They are psychotic.’

She also described Isis as a ‘psychopath who does not know the difference between a doctor and a psychopath’.

The video was posted on the website of a group called the Institute for Mental Health, which is part of the New Delhi-based think tank, the Institute of Medicine.

In it, the mental health expert describes Isis as ‘psychically deranged’, saying that her ’emotional instability is overwhelming and unbearable.”

Her behaviour and behavior in public is almost as bad as the acts of violence she commits in her own mind,’ she added.’

Her delusions are terrifying.”

It is not possible to stop her and no treatment or treatment system can.

She is literally insane.”

I have seen her get into a car and drive away without checking the driver’s licence.

She will take people to her hotel room.

She does not check their passports.

She just keeps driving.’

She said she has seen Isis ‘do horrific things’ such as killing her husband and two children.’

It’s horrifying, it’s scary, it is sick.’

The video comes as the US begins its first military action against Isis in Syria, and the US has said that it has taken more than 500 IS militants into custody.

The US military has also begun airstrikes against Isis targets in Iraq.