What do you want to be when you grow up?

A mother-of-two is turning her life around and wants to be a model.

The 17-year-old, who was diagnosed with the mental health condition depression at an early age, is hoping to become a model and to inspire others with her stories.

The teenager’s mother, Maria, said: ‘I’m going to be able to teach her a thing or two about how to live her life.’

Maria, who lives in Cardiff, Wales, said her daughter, who is a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, has been diagnosed with depression and has had a number of mental health issues.

She said: I am trying to get her to think about life in a different way.’

It’s going to get better and better, I’ve just got to keep pushing her.’

I’ve got to get a lot better, but it’s really hard.’

Maria said her son had been diagnosed at a young age and had struggled to cope with the pressures of school.

She added: It’s been difficult but it was something I was born to do and that I wanted to do.’

If I’m not working, if I’m in the car, if the kids are not happy, I’ll just stop going out.’

Sometimes, when you’re having trouble, you just want to go back to sleep.’

You know you need to be there to support someone.’

That’s the reason why I wanted her to be like this.’

Maria has a young daughter and said her sons birthday party was a ‘dream come true’ as they were looking forward to getting a new dress for their mother.

She described her son as being ‘a bit of a shy guy’ and said he could be quiet.

She told the BBC: I know he loves his mum, he loves me.

I can see how he is looking at me with his eyes.’

But I’m proud of her, because I know she has it all, so it’s not like she doesn’t have any problems.’

When she has her mind set, she has a lot of courage.’

She’s a brave girl, she doesn-t want to hurt anyone.’

Maria is currently in her second year of college, and said she was hoping to study journalism.

She is looking forward for her graduation and said it would be ‘a big day’ for her to have her first job.

She also said she would like to pursue modelling.

She explained: I’m going for the modelling thing, I’m really interested in it.

I love to do modelling, but I just need to get my life in order.’

Maybe if I get a job and do the modelling, that would be a big thing.’

At the moment I’m struggling a bit with school.’

The first couple of months were tough, I had no sleep and I didn’t eat, so that’s something that’s going through my mind.’

Then, the last couple of weeks have been really good and it’s all been good.’

Maria’s story is the latest in a string of people struggling with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The National Mental Health Foundation says one in three people with depression are living with mental health problems and one in five of those suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.