RTE interview: ‘Spiritual self-esteem’ album self esteem

The Irish Independent is reporting that a band called ‘Spiritually Self-Esteem’ will release a self-deprecating album titled ‘Spirituality Self-esteem’.

The band is a self esteem podcast based out of Dublin and is produced by the self esteem group ‘Self-Equality’.

The album was conceived by Irish singer-songwriter and self-styled self-respect expert, RTE’s John O’Sullivan.

It is a collection of songs that self-reflect on everything that they have been through, he said.

“I think it’s very difficult to make music that’s self-critical when it comes to yourself,” O’Brien said.

Self-esteem was born from the struggles that we’ve had, the things that we have put our faith in, the choices that we make, the failures that we encounter, and it is something that we feel strongly about.

“We’ve always felt like we were a little bit underachieving in our education, but the songs on this album are very self-reflection.”

They’re very self reflection, and they reflect on what we’ve been through.

“Self esteem is a spiritual term, meaning that self is something we believe we have, rather than something that exists in our physical form.”

It’s about our personal beliefs and values,” O ‘Brien said of the album.”

Some of the songs have some very serious messages, but others are more lighthearted.

“If you’re not sure about something, just listen to them.”

The album will be released on February 18 and it will include music from RTE hosts Graham Norton, Paul O’Connell, Ian MacKaye, Graham Flanagan and Simon McBurney.

Self esteem also featured on the RTE Radio One’s The World at One podcast.