Self-esteem affirmations are now illegal, but tattoo artist says they’ll continue to thrive

Tattoo artist Jay Lacy is adamant that self-esteem tattoos are a way of life.

“I’ve never had a client who has said, ‘Oh, I’m not going to go get a tattoo on my face.

I’ll just get one on my arm,'” he told Breitbart News.

Lacy said he has a clientele of young men who are inspired by the tattoos, as well as the women who are willing to have them done.

“We see them go out there and they’re doing it for the love of it,” he said.

Lacey’s business, Lacey & Co., is in the process of expanding its range of self-defining tattoos, including one of a bird on a man’s neck, and a tattoo of a smiling woman with a flower on her face.

He told Breitbart that his business will continue to expand and continue to offer clients a choice of designs that they can choose from.

“They can choose the type of tattoo that they want to get, or they can pick from the range of designs and sizes,” he explained.

“The thing is, they choose it, and it stays with them.

We don’t take any commissions.” 

Lacy said that he hopes that self esteem tattoos will become more mainstream in the future.

“People need to be able to have that kind of tattoo,” he told the outlet. 

“I don’t want to be a cliché here,” he added, “but if you get your tattoo, you’ll always remember it.

You’ll remember who you are and where you came from.

And it’s a symbol of who you want to become.” 

The self esteem affirmation was first published on The Huffington Post and first reported by the New York Times.

Lautner has also started an online store selling self-confidence tattoos.

“It’s an extension of who we are,” Lautners business partner, Michael Lautersen, told the Times.

“A little more confident in ourselves.” 

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