What’s in your life that’s causing self-esteem problems?

The Self-Esteem Challenge is the brainchild of an Australian psychotherapist and author of Self-Harm Prevention and the Self-Acceptance Workbook, with Dr Nick Tackett.

The program has been designed to help people change their perceptions of themselves.

“I think there’s a general trend, which is to take ourselves too seriously, and I think that’s probably part of the problem, that we’re not giving ourselves enough credit,” Dr Tacketts said.

“It’s a shame that so many people are struggling with self-worth issues.”

There’s a lot of myths about self-acceptance, there’s an enormous amount of fear that if you do things that aren’t the way you are then you’re going to hurt yourself.

In other words, self-hate is a myth. “

I’d be lying if I said that there’s one thing I’ve ever learnt about self acceptance that I can’t live with, and that’s that the self-love is not about feeling good about yourself, it’s about feeling worthy of yourself,” he said.

In other words, self-hate is a myth.

Dr Tacksetts believes that we can all be more open and honest with ourselves, and he has some advice for people struggling with their self-respect.

He suggests a simple exercise that can help people feel better about themselves.

Ask yourself what makes you feel bad.

“You may think you’re the kind of person who’s self-conscious about being a bit self-critical, but actually the truth is you’re more self-confident in yourself than you are in other people,” he explained.

“So, in the end, it makes sense that you’re actually self-deprecating.”

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