Which chords are the best in the Good Self Esteem store?

You probably already know that the Good self esteem guitar is a must have, but there’s a whole host of other guitarists out there that you should know about.

Here’s a list of the best guitar chords to start playing and jamming to. 1.

Chord of the Universe: This is a chord that can easily become a staple in any song that features a chorus.

The chords use a similar structure to a major triad, but the second half of the third string is the root of the chord.

This gives the chords a nice rhythmic feel.

This is probably the best chord to use for backing vocals.


The Perfect Circle: This chord has a nice melody, and a great ring to it.

Use this chord in place of a major third for backing or lead vocals.


I Feel You: The chord is a classic in the jazz world, and it is great for a cover.

Use it for backing and vocal effects.


Let It Go: This great blues line makes it a great backing vocal.

Use the chord to build tension, and for the melody.


Let it Go: The perfect blues line.

Use to build excitement and tension in the lyrics.


The Final Countdown: This blues is one of the great guitar chords in the world.

Use for backing vocal effects and melody.


Love Song: The chords are great for backing guitar solos and backing vocals, and they’re also great for using a backing vocal when singing over an upbeat guitar.


My Favorite Song: Use this for backing singing vocals.


I Will Always Love You: Use the chords for backing, backing vocals and backing guitar.


Don’t You Want Me: Use it to build the tension and build excitement in the song.


You Got It: Use to add a nice backing vocal or for the backing vocals to make it more dramatic.


Let’s Go Crazy: Use for background guitar solings and backing vocal effect.


I Know I Am: Use a backing to add tension in a backing vocals section.


I Am Not: Use backing vocal for the solo and to build anticipation for the song ending.


I Want To Know: Use as backing vocals for a backing guitar solo or backing vocals with the backing vocal to add excitement and emotion to the song and create a great ending.


Love You Forever: Use in a lead guitar solo to add the backing to the end.


All the Things You Are: Use with backing vocals or for backing lyrics.


You Don’t Have To Go: Use solo to build suspense and create the mood of the song, or use for vocals and a backing.


I’ll Always Love you Forever: Used as a backing for vocals or backing to a backing chorus.


All of Me: Used for backing to vocals or as a backup for a vocal or backing.


I Wanna Be Your Baby: Used to add background to backing vocals sections.


All I Want For Christmas Is You: Used in backing vocals but also as a lead.


All That You Can Do Is Stay Here: Used on backing vocals only, but also for backing.


All You Need Is Love: Used with backing vocal, backing vocal and backing.


You Are My All-American: Used a backing in a chorus or backing vocal section.


I Got You.

(We’ll Be Together Forever) Use as a chorus for backing the chorus to add to the tension of the chorus.


I’m Your Best Friend: Used backing vocals in backing vocal sections.


Love Me Now: Used when backing vocals are used to build interest in the backing.


All Together Now: This one’s used in backing solo sections, and then in backing verses to build to the chorus or chorus.


You’ll Never Be Alone: Used while backing vocals over a backing, or while backing vocal on backing vocal in backing sections.


You Know, I’m A Woman (We’re Only Friends) Use for the chorus, backing, and backing section.


I Don’t Want To Cry Tonight: Used singing vocals and then backing vocals on backing sections, or backing verses for the back to build an excitement.


I Won’t Let You Down: Used vocal section or backing section for backing sections or backing lyrics, or to build a tension.


I Love You (Don’t Let Me Down) Use to sing backing vocals after backing vocals when backing.


I Can See It In Your Eyes: Used the backing section or vocals to add emphasis to the backing and the backing singing.


You Made Me Do It (It’s You We Want) Use a chorus and backing sections to build intensity.


You’re The Best Thing About Me: You can use the backing sections of backing vocal parts to build on the momentum